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The coat of arms of the Wildschönau

Hello my dears!

Today I hiked to "Halsgatterl" and discovered something really great: A large board with the heading "Fabled Wildschönau". You should know that in our idyllic Wildschönau high valley, legends have always been told with great pleasure. That is why a few students have selected 20 Wildschönau sayings and creatively retold and rewritten them - you can even buy a little booklet of them in Wildschönau or read the sagas at the Wildschönau Tourist Office. From beautiful to scary stories, there is something for everyone and tells of dragons, ghosts and devils.
Then I thought about it. Do you know the coat of arms of the Wildschönau valley? A fallen point, blue on black with a golden dragon spread apart. I've read it and I want to tell you why the coat of arms is looking like this:

The legend of the origin of the Wildschönau

Once the Wildschönau was a big mountain lake. The lake was very mysterious and from time to time people heard strange songs of elves and mermaids. One day, as if from nowhere, there were heavy waves and a big flood came to the valley. A huge monster came out of the lake. With big tentacles, huge teeth and fire the animal raged around. The beast destroyed all life in the high valley and ate goats, sheep and humans. When the strongest guy in the valley heard about it, he returned home from war to fight with the dragon. With his last strength he managed to kill the monster. In agony with a terrible roar, the dragon bit through the rock until it burst. This created a large swathe west of the “Kragenjoch”, today's “Kundler Klamm”, and the water of the lake poured into the Inn Valley. The pestilence broke out of the decaying giant animal and all the people died, except for a man from the Wildschönau and a girl from the Brixental. Both went in search of finding survivors and finally met at the mountain crossing from the “Brixentaler Holzalm” to the “Norderbergalm” in Niederau. The two fell around their necks - hence the current name “HALSGATTERL” (=neck gate). Today's population is descended from these two.”

Die Figuren am Halsgatterl

In memory of this story at this point is a quaint chapel where two wooden figures are facing each other. According to this legend, the Tyrolean governor in 1958 gave the valley her coat of arms.

So I think that's really interesting. Can you imagine that there used to be a large mountain lake in our Wildschönau? Of course there were other beings in the high valley. There were giants at the Markbachjoch in Niederau and one in Mühltal, a dwarf on the Schatzberg, and on the Gressenstein in Auffach there was even a devil. But you can read these stories here too. I have to first visit all of these locations and imagine how the stories happened here.

I wish you much fun!
Yours, Sturmi

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