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Only available at Landhotel Tirolerhof: Original "Wildschönau Sturmlöda cake"

This cake is dedicated to the brave men of the Tyrolean fight for freedom (in 1809).

At that time, after Austria lost a war, Tyrol was annexed to Bavaria. In order to defend themselves against the foreign yoke, people in Tyrol prepared for an uprising. At the end of October 1809 the situation of the Tyroleans was particularly critical. The Tyroleans formed a last, desperate uprising wave, which was crushed bloodily by the enemy. The Sturmlöda are the traditional successors of the "last contingent" from the Tyrolean fight for freedom.

This culinary specialty is only available in our house at the reception if you order in advance:
Packed in an exclusive wooden box ... € 24.80
As a double cube in a practical box ... € 6.80

The "Krautinger" from the Wildschönau Valley - Monopol from the Empire

Some swear by him, others turn up their noses. But everyone agrees: “Krautinger” is a unique specialty.

Not just because it is made exclusively in the high valley. It was Empress Maria Theresia (1717-1780) to whom the Wildschönau residents owe a kind of “monopoly”: she once granted 51 farmers the right to distill schnapps from white turnips, since little fruit grew at that altitude and the residents of the valley were generally considered poor. Whatever you think of Krautinger, you should not only approach it with reverence because of its historical development. Because the burning itself is really no pleasure, but a very delicate matter. In summer and autumn the beets are harvested, washed and mashed. The mash is then thickened to a third of its original volume, left on the yeast for 48 hours and finally distilled, which sounds easy but isn't. Distilling schnapps is a science in itself. And only at the Krautinger! Everything has to fit, from the seeds you have grown yourself to the fire in the boiler, which is lit with beech wood. As you can see, the “Krautinger” is a very special juice. A real treasure that the true connoisseur appreciates not only because of the undisputed healing powers for the stomach.

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