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Off to the "Almabtrieb"

Hello dear Tirolerhof friends,

Sturmi and I had such a great summer. We took the tram to the Schönangeralm at the end of the valley, we used the cable cars for free with the Wildschönau Card and explored the Schatzberg and Markbachjoch, we spent a day in the idyllic town of Thierbach. We went hiking, swimming, dancing and experienced a lot. But the absolute best thing for us is always the "Almabtrieb". We are really looking forward to it.

The cattle come down from the pasture and everyone is in high spirits.

The "Almabtrieb" in the Tyrolean communities is celebrated with traditional festivals.

From the mountain down into the valley and into the stables - but before that happens, there is another big party: from mid-September to the beginning of October, the herds of cattle move from the alpine pastures into the valley, magnificently decorated.

The headdress for the big return day is tied days before the cattle drive from various alpine flowers such as alpine roses, juniper bushes, rowan berries, etc. The most defensive cow gets the most splendid decoration with a mirror and a grouse feather. She leads the herd. The alpine spirits should see themselves in the mirror of their headdresses, stay on the alpine pasture and not go down into the valley with them.

The spectators and onlookers can take them down into the valley - the musicians are already waiting for them to play to the dance, as well as traditional farmers' markets and fine culinary delicacies.

But have you ever wondered why the cows are decorated?

Rarely but sometimes you see unadorned cows at the "Almabtrieb". Of course, jewelry is more important than just looking pretty. Because decoration is only done after an accident-free time on the alpine pasture - as a token of thanks, so to speak. In the event of death within the farming family, the cows are given a black headdress. So you can learn a lot if you take a closer look at the alpine cattle.

Maybe you will meet one or the other at the "Almabtrieb"?

This year there are small festivals for the "Almabtrieb" in Niederau and at the Landgasthof Dorferwirt on September 18, 2021 and again in Thierbach on September 25, 2021. The big "Almabtrieb" in Auffach at the foot of the Schatzberg will unfortunately not take place this year - we are already looking forward to next year - the date is already to be noted: 24.09.2022.

See you soon and take care.

Almabtrieb in the High Valley Wildschönau

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