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Hello dear people from near and far,

Unfortunately, there isn't that much to experience at the moment. Alma and I thought we could tell you a little bit about how the Landhotel Tirolerhof actually came about. That's why I made myself comfortable in the lobby and tell a little while over a delicious hot chocolate.

So let's go back to the beginning:

The farm "Bach" of the Unterberger family (by marriage later Erharter) existed long before the family got into the restaurant and hotel business. Paula and Anton Erharter, the parents of the senior boss Rudi, rented rooms for the first time during the war years. Later, in the 1950s, the farmhouse was converted into the Red Cross Sisters' rest home, in addition to the existing agriculture, which catered for up to 50 guests. However, the sisters were not only housed in the main building "Bach", but Paula Erharter also took care of the surrounding landlords with guests. From then on there was Pension Bach, which offered full board. Mainly it accommodated school groups and English guests in winter, while in summer more private guests came to spend their summer vacation in the Wildschönau.

It used to be like that

so sah Oberau früher aus
Paula Erharter
Wer erkennt den Riedl-Hang?
Anton Erharter
Erharter Elisabet and Rudolf

Construction of the "Liftstiwä"

In 1959 the current senior boss Rudolf took over both the farm and the pension. He married Elisabeth from the Zillertal, who ran the pension together with Rudolf. Even then, the couple carried out constant renovations in order to maintain the standard. 
In 1970 there was the opportunity to open a restaurant next to the ski lift in Oberau. This was done in order to have an additional income for agriculture. The building site was part of the farm, only a 7m wide strip of land had to be purchased from the Oberau parish. The construction of the “Liftstiwä” began in late summer and opened its doors for the first time at Christmas 1970. At that time, however, only with brewery tables and benches, because the furniture, with the exception of the bar, was only delivered and installed in Mardi Gras 1971. The "Liftstiwä" offered around 45 seats.
Due to the boom for bowling at that time, the decision was made to build a bowling alley, which was built in the basement of the already existing hut. During the construction of the bowling alley, Rudolf almost died from a landslide. This bowling alley was also the indicator of the current length of the hotel. Even then, there was the idea of adding rooms.

Irmgard and Martin Erharter

Generational change

In 1973 the decision was made to expand the "Liftstiwä" and also to provide overnight accommodation. The shell for the Tirolerhof has started. Most of the construction was carried out by Rudi himself, he was the site manager and foreman and erected all the partition walls himself. With the help of a few helpers, two floors were built and the Tirolerhof opened in the winter of 1975. The name was already Hotel Tirolerhof back then, although it was only run as an inn.
The guesthouse in the parent pension, which had been running at the same time up until then, was closed in 1985 because they wanted to concentrate on the current hotel and no one was permanently present at the Bach pension.
In autumn 1990, the shell construction for the wellness area that still exists today began. In 1991 a 3rd and 4th floor was built and the bowling alley was given up due to a lack of interest from the guests and because of the required storage space. The then only 19-year-old son Martin decided to continue the business. He is supported by his wife Irmgard. In the course of the renovation, special attention was paid to the disabled-friendly rooms, which were given high priority due to the illness of the daughter Paula.

Always something new

In 1995 the first rooms were modernized. In 2000 the ground floor was completely renovated, including the restaurant area, bar, dining room and reception area. In the following years, further modernizations were carried out step-by-step. Son Josef took over the farm and the decision was made to make the hotel and the farm completely independent of each other.
In 2010, the next major renovation of the entire kitchen, including refrigeration and storage rooms, took place. An emergency power generator was also installed to prevent power failures. The Tirolerhof is constantly being renovated and refurbished in order to be able to offer a lot of comfort and well-being.

Today's hotel is based on 3 pillars. The main focus is of course on the accommodation area, but the additional pillars of the restaurant and events should not be ignored. The restaurant invites you to specialty weeks twice a year, on the one hand the fish week in spring and on the other hand the game week in autumn, which are very well known in the region and held at a high level.
The mainstay of events consists on the one hand of the taste of Tyrol evenings that take place every 3rd Friday during the summer months and invite you to linger with regional products from the region and music. Furthermore, weddings and various celebrations take place in the hotel.
Approx. 25 employees are employed, including interns and apprentices, with the company's apprentices taking part in the state apprentice competition almost every year and regularly achieving very good results. The training of skilled workers is very important to the Erharter family!

How it looks today

Eine tolle Winterkulisse rund um das Landhotel Tirolerhof
Mitten in der Natur
Lecker Essen im Restaurant
Aussenansicht Landhotel Tirolerhof

I think you now have a pretty good overview of what has been and will be done so that the Landhotel Tirolerhof is a place to arrive and feel good. If your curiosity has not yet been satisfied - there are many pictures in the hotel that show the time from back then.

Until next time!


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