Handicraft Market in Wildschönau

Farming Museum & Wood Museum

Wildschönau Farming Museum z'Bach

This is a particularly fascinating museum because it is a living museum. The house was inhabited until 1995 and used as a farm. When the owner decided to build a new farm above the road, this centuries-old farm stood empty. The community decided to buy it and dedicate it to a museum.

The over 1,200 exhibits were brought together from all over the valley. If these are also exhibited here unused, their counterparts are still in use today, e.g. the wooden form for washing butter, the large pans for preparing family meals, the "combs" for picking berries, the scythes, the kitchen stove, the tiled stove, the copper vessels, the tools for woodworking and much, much more.

The museum tells not only about the past, but also about the present. The former stable and barn building is now also used for discussion groups and forums, concerts, cultural events and much more. A visit that is worthwhile to gain an insight into the life of the Wildschönau mountain farmers yesterday and today.

A special highlight of the Farming Museum z’Bach is the handicraft market that takes place every Thursday with exhibitors from Wildschönau and the surrounding area. So you can see live and in color how wood carvers, turners, shoemakers and other trades used to work. The local specialty "Schmalznudel" is baked in the old farmer's kitchen at lunchtime, and you should definitely try it. In addition, coffee and cake as well as drinks strengthen you after an interesting tour through the museum. This event only takes place in the summer months. And the best: Free entrance with your Wildschönau Card.

A visit to the museum can be easily combined with a short walk along the Franziskusweg. In about 30 minutes you can comfortably reach the Farming Museum z'Bach from the hotel.

1st Tirolean Wood Museum in Auffach

Interesting facts and curiosities from the history of wood in Wildschönau are housed in the Hubert Salcher wood carving workshop.

As a wood carver and ornament sculptor, naturally associated with wood, Hubert Salcher did not want to let this story fall into oblivion. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his wood carving, he realized his dream of a wood museum in 1996.

It is the first of its kind in western Austria (there is only another museum in Styria). In the stylish two-story wooden and residential building, built by Hubert Salcher, there are around 3,000 exhibits in 59 wooden chambers - there are also some curiosities among the showpieces.

With the old, functional table radio and handmade leather shoes with wooden soles, the old workshop gives the impression that the master had only fled from the room for a very short time. Or discover the original stirring train, which was used to make butter in the past. You can also find some bizarre things - the oldest folk song harp in Tyrol and the wooden bra are worth a visit.

Afterwards we recommend the "Holzweg" in Auffach:

Themed hiking trail with a length of approx. 500 m, on which you will find everything on the subject of wood in clear presentation. Start at the wood museum, over the wooden bridge onto the wooden path with a wide variety of tree species, nesting boxes, beehive, lumberjack hut, cupboard fence, observation tower, mill, chestnut tree as a classic source of shade ...

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